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Trump and Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for historic summit

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Trump and Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for historic summit


Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore

 President Trump arrived here Sunday night ahead of a potentially historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the first meeting between the leaders of two countries that have been sworn enemies for almost seven decades.

Air Force One touched down with little fanfare at Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore, landing a few hours after Kim arrived in the island state. Trump waved as he stepped off the presidential aircraft, briefly greeted Singaporean officials on the tarmac and quickly climbed into a limousine to head to his hotel for the evening.

Asked upon his arrival how he was feeling about the summit, Trump told reporters, “Very good.”

Trump and Kim are scheduled to meet face-to-face Tuesday morning, and it remains far from clear what kind of agreement on North Korea’s nuclear program the two leaders will be able to forge.

Trump was upbeat as he departed Canada on Saturday for his day-long journey halfway around the globe, which included a refueling stop on the Greek island of Crete. The president told reporters he would rely on his intuition to size up Kim’s intentions regarding a deal to abandon his nuclear arsenal.

Within the first minute, I’ll know,” he said. “My touch, my feel — that’s what I do.

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