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What we’re About, Leaning more towards the Left Wing

Breaking News

The “Dictators” arriving at the summit

Amanda O'Rourke June 11, 2018

New bill-Protect and Serve Act-offers police officers protections similar to those for hate crime victims

Joshua Wokowski June 10, 2018

Trump and Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for historic summit

Editor/Admin June 10, 2018

About PartisanViewpoint.com – We the people, for the people…

Our Hopes

Partisan Viewpoint Emblem - Focusing on what's Right

Partisan Viewpoint Emblem – Focusing on what’s right

Partisan Viewpoint (or PV as we’ve become to be known as…) pledges to bring you of the politics of the day . We have recently decided to follow a more Left Wing (Democratic) view on politics. We will STILL include Republican sided article, but you will find the contributing author will include an analysis of said article.

Partisan Viewpoint aggregates articles from all over the net. We agree that there are some sources that are very suspect, but this is where checking the FACTS comes into play.

Moving to the Left Wing

The Right wing’s policies are not what we can abide by. In many ways we view them as destructive to this county and the sanctity of Democracy. We’ve thought long and hard on this decision and feel our hearts and minds lean more towards the Left Wing. We felt it more important to stay true to our hearts and NOT feel like a hypocrite when reporting stories we completely don’t believe.

We look forward to seeing and hearing your thoughtful contributions to the debates.