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Meet the 2020 Presidential Election Hopefuls. 

This election is SURE to offer a broad variety of candidate hopefuls for you to choose from. Gay, straight, male, female & multiple ethnicities!

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The Issues ARE real people!

It’s NOT a matter of being hyperbolic or overly sensitive.

Example: Bigotry & Hate – it’s not in the third row of your Jeep – it’s driving! And our current President’s words and actions continually endorse & emboldens  it!

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The 2020 Presidential Elections are Coming!

We’re ALL aware that a Presidential Election is ALWAYS important.
However, the 2020 Presidential Elections have surpassed that level of importance! We’ve seen FIRST HAND what happens when voters are mislead & misinformed – I give you President Trump.

2020 Presidential Candidate HopefulsThe 2020 Presidential Candidate hopefuls are a truly diverse cross section of the American public at large, Black, Women, Gay, Latino(a), Asian as well as varying ages.

We’re TIRED of the “Old Boys Club

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