Ending The Iran Deal Is The First Step Toward Addressing Iran’s Aggression on Partisan Viewpoint

President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and vowed the rogue regime will never get its hands on nuclear weapons. That’s all to the good, but it does not by any means spell the end of Iran’s ability to stir up trouble worldwide.

Iran has been on a war footing toward the United States since 1979, mandates chants of “Death to America” in every mosque in the country at Friday prayers, and is actively working on numerous anti-American initiatives that could turn out to be even more lethal in the long run than nukes. In June 2011 Iran’s supreme leader, the ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared: “Wherever a movement is Islamic, populist and anti-American, we support it.” These were not empty words.

As I show in my book “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran,” the Islamic republic is a breeding ground for terrorist activity, funding and controlling a global network of jihad terror organizations, ready to do Iran’s bidding up to and including the killing of its perceived enemies.

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