GOP candidates don't want to talk about Stormy Daniels. Neither do Democrats.

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News Outlet: CNN

(CNN)In any other political environment, headlines about the President of the United States’ alleged affair with a porn star and her bulldog attorney who is hellbent on publicizing the details would be radioactive for the President’s party.

But this isn’t any other political environment.
As Republicans awkwardly answer questions about Stormy Daniels’ and the swirl of allegations against Trump, Democrats worry that a constant focus on the President’s foibles through November will knock candidates off message, making it almost impossible for more policy focused messaging on health care, taxes and economic instability to break through the Trump messaging vortex.
The latest chapter in the Daniels saga came when Michael Avenatti, the porn star’s omnipresent attorney, on Monday filed a lawsuit alleging Trump defamed Daniels.
The bipartisan concern has created a unique paradox: Republicans don’t want to talk about the President’s sex life and Democrats don’t want it to dominate the conversation. Please LOGIN or JOIN to continue reading. Thank you, Partisan Viewpoint

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