Jeff Sessions Prepared To Walk, If Rod Rosenstein Is Fired

It’s hard to say how big of a threat actually exists, but it seems more people are becoming concerned that President Trump is going to do something drastic to end the ongoing Russia probe.

If you want to get a gauge of how things are going in the Trump White House, all you really have to do is watch Trump’s Twitter feed. As events with the investigation, or pretty much anything else unfold, Trump will always give it away with his tweets.


His recent rants against James Comey, Robert Mueller, the Russia probe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the raid on his longtime “fixer,” Michael Cohen’s home and office indicate a considerable amount of angst.

While the official word from the White House is that there are no personnel changes forthcoming, whatever is going on behind the scenes is serious enough that some are reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to resign, should Rosenstein be fired.

The Washington Post reported Friday that Sessions told White House counsel Don McGahn in a phone call last weekend that he could leave the Justice Department in the event of Rosenstein’s ouster.

Rosenstein is the official responsible for assigning special counsel Robert Mueller to look into Russian interference in the 2016 election, giving him broad scope to pull on any thread of wrongdoing that was uncovered, along the way.

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