The Republican Party’s Promise to the American People

One of the two major political parties in the United States, the Republicans on Partisan ViewpointRepublican Party-also known as the GOP (short for Grand Old Party). The Republican Party’s ideology tends to lean more towards American conservatism, which contrasts with the Democrats’ more progressive platform and approach. In addition to advocating for conservative economic policies, the Republican Party is socially conservative and seeks to uphold traditional values based largely on Judeo-Christian ethics.

In 2016 the Republican party won the Presidential election Donald J. Trump. The Republican Party also won both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The Republican Party has been working tirelessly to fulfill the campaign promises that President Trump made during his ascension to the Presidency. Promises that include: building a wall, imposing tariffs on Chinese and Mexican made products, investing $550 billion on infrastructure & eliminating gun-free zones-just to name a few.

The Full 2016 Republican Platform

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[rs_section_heading style=”style4″ heading=”The Republican Leadership” primary_border_color=”#9a030a” secondary_border_color=”#9a030a” background_color=”#9a030a”]
Chairwoman of the RNC Ronna McDaniel
Co Chair Bob Paduchik on Partisan Viewpoint
Mitch McConnell on Partisan Viewpoint
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Partisan Viewpoint

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