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Tolerance and diversity. These buzzwords are the Left’s morning coffee, rallying cry, and litmus test for political office—or for anything else for that matter.

California. The state that brings us Hollywood, the LGBT mecca of San Francisco, Democratic super majorities in the legislature who can pass any Leftist policy they want, and 55 electoral votes earmarked for the Democrat presidential candidate every time.

You’d think California and “tolerance and diversity” would go together like Planned Parenthood and abortion.

But they don’t. In fact, California is the last state you should consider living in if you’re a Leftist who preaches tolerance and diversity.

California is a beautiful state. And it boasts some of the most incredible people who continue to stand strong in the face of Leftist attacks. In fact, Family Policy Alliance has its roots in California and is investing heavily there on behalf of the good people of the Golden State.

But as Californians know all too well, their politicians have been closing the state’s doors to freedom of choice, diversity of options, free speech, and even freedom of ideas for a long time. And now, a bill the state is considering this year may just be the final click of the deadbolt.

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